Alois Alzheimers - German Psychatrist discovered Alzheimer's Disease

After working in several hospitals,  which catered to the mentally ill and those diagnosed with epliepsy, Alois Alzheimersbegan to study patients with maniac depression and schizophrenia.  In 1901, he met a 51 year old woman, Auguste Deter, who displayed odd behaviors and short term memory loss.  Auguste became Alzheimers obsession over a fiver year period.  He and other doctors conducted many investigations based around Deter's behaviors and memory loss.   In 1906, Auguste Deter died.  Alzheimers brought her brain to a lab in Munich, Germany.  During the autopsy of the brain, he discovered the shrinking of the cortex and the presence of tangles and plaques.  These plaques were distinctive enough to warrant a diagnosis of senile dementia.  This term was later changed to Alzheimer's Disease.  Alois Alzheimer died at young age of 51.