Winter Storm Jonas - May rank as the Biggest East Coast Snowstorm in Living Memory!

Over the past few days, most of us have been preparing for the wrath of what meteorologists are calling, "One of the biggest East Coast Snowstorms in Living Memory."  We all have been standing in lines at food stores hoping to find the essentials: bread, water, eggs and milk. As I was standing on line at a local market, I met an elderly woman who shared her memories of a major snowstorm from years gone by.  She recalled,  how during the storm she read books, played board games with her family and listened to music.  Her favorite memory was the anticipation of going outside to play in the snow - snowball fights, sledding and making snow angels.  Then going inside getting warm with a bowl of chicken soup and shortly after going back outside to play.  She said she feared that today's children will never have those wonderful memories instead they will have memories of being upset because they were unable to charge their cell phones, computers and other electronic devices due to a power outage.  Sadly, I think she may be right.  Stay safe and enjoy the beauty of nature.