Caring for a Loved One Diagnosed with Alzheimer's Can Put a Strain on You Both Physically and Mentally

Alzheimer's Disease is an illness of the brain that, overtime gets worse.  There is no cure for this disease.   Caring for someone who has been diagnosed isn't not an easy task.  In most cases,  caregivers are related to the Alzheimer's patient, whether a husband, wife, son, daughter or grandchild.  And because of this factor, the caregiver my feel it is his/her duty and obligation to care for their loved one,  no matter how difficult the situation becomes.  However, sometimes they do not realize how overwhelming it can be - both physically and mentally.  It is often the caregiver who becomes run down or sometimes even hospitalized due to caring for their loved one -  24 hours, 7 days a week.  It is recommended that caregivers take a break - a day off  or ask for help.  Joining a support group and sharing stories with others who are in the same situation is also quite helpful.   Most importantly, a caregiver must remember that as Alzheimer's Disease progresses, it may become impossible to care for their loved one and  sometimes it is best to explore other care options such as Memory Living Communities orHome Care provided by licensed companies. It doesn't mean a caregiver has  failed and are giving up caring, it simply means, they've done their  best but it time to get help.   For more tips on and information on caring for a loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease, visit the National Institute on Aging at and download a free copy of " Caring for a Person with Alzheimer's Disease" or call 1-800-438-4380