I Forgot Where I put my Keys!!!

Do you find yourself saying, "I forgot where I put my keys", "I can't remember why I came into the kitchen" or perhaps you ran into an old neighbor and just couldn't remember their name.  Are you frightened you may have Alzheimer's Disease or some form of Dementia?  Well, don't be!   Alzheimer's Disease is not a normal part of aging.  Most older adults do not get Alzheimer's Disease.  However, if you or a loved one are experiencing memory issues that are affecting your Activities of Daily Living (grooming, eating, maintaining your finances, etc.)  than you should seek advice from a Memory Care Specialist.  For example, if you cant remember what keys are used for or if you forget to pay your electric bill for a few months, then visiting with a doctor who specializes in Memory Care may be a very good idea.  He or she  can recommend a plan of action and will most likely perform a memory screening evaluation or a MMSE (Mini Mental State Evaluation).  As with any disease, early detection is a plus!