Remembering Valentine's Day....Grammar School Days

One of my favorite memories of Valentine's Day gone by...Going to Caldor's with my parents to pick out a box of Valentine's Day cards for my classmates.  This was not a 5 minute trip, this took time.  Should I get the cards that come with Lollipops or Smarties or just a plain card?  Is there a card in there that will be special and stand out for "Richard - my Love"?  After the arduous task of picking out  a box of cards, it was time to get home, sit down and go through the process of picking a "specific" card for each of my classmates.   This would take forever.    I didn't want Bill to think I liked him - so I couldn't give him the card that said "Please Be Mine" and I  had to pick a card for Richard that was sure to make him fall in love with me.   And then the big day came - February 14th - exchanging Valentine's Cards!!  I couldn't wait to see all my cards and treats and above all did Richard give me a "Special" card.  Happy Valentine's Day!