For the Life of Me..I Cannot Remember How Many Days Are in Each Month...

Because,  I know its a leap year, I know  February has 29 days.  When it is not leap year,  February has 28.  That's easy!  But for the life of  me I cannot remember the number of days in certain months, I really have to think hard but well else fails I recite the poem I learned in the 2nd grade:

30 days in September, April, June and November

All the rest have 31, except February, which has 28 days clear, and 29 in each leap year.

Every time I repeat this poem, I think of my 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Schear!   Such an easy way to remember. Creating a rhyme, a poem or a song really makes remembering something a whole lot easier- and the great thing is - it still works even if you are a bad singer - like me!