My Easter Memories

I have such wonderful Easter Memories....dying Easter eggs, getting all dressed up in my Mary Jane white shiny shoes, going to Easter Mass,  my Easter Bonnet, eating a big Italian Meal with my family, waking up to find a basket full of goodies from the Easter Bunny.  They are all such great memories, but the memory that I will hold forever in my heart is something my father did every Easter when my brother and I were younger.  So as tradition goes, Easter Eve, my brother and I would get into our pajamas and then head to the kitchen to gather up some food for the Bunny.  We knew he would hopping by some time throughout the night to drop off our baskets and we wanted to reward him.  So out came the carrots, a glass of water, a few eggs that we had dyed and of course a few napkins.   We would head off to bed and just as we did on Christmas Eve, we tossed and turned until we knew it was safe to go downstairs to the kitchen to find our baskets.   And THE memory that stands out the most in my mind of those Easter mornings, was not finding the carrot half eaten or theglass of water empty or egg shells on the table but rather the best memory was seeing a paw print made from real dirt on the napkin!  How excited we were because we knew the "Real" Rabbit came to our house. As we got older, my father gave up his secret.  He would go outside and put three of his fingers in dirt and then come back inside and leave the imprint on the napkin. I couldn't wait for the day I had children and I could make that famous paw print.   My girls loved it just as much as I did.  I think I was more excited then they were! I hope my girls do the same for their children.   Wonderful Easter Memories.....Happy Easter!!

Ginger Girl