Do You Think Aunt Marie Has the Beginning Stages of Alzheimer's?

It was so nice to see my family over the Easter holiday weekend.  I haven't seen some of  my relatives in years.  My Aunt Marie came for dinner with my cousin Vivian.  Aunt Marie is my mother's sister.  After dinner, Vivian and I were cleaning up in the kitchen and she asked a question I hear so often..."Do you think my mother has the beginning stages of Alzheimer's Disease?"  Being in the healthcare industry for nearly 8 years and working mainly with Alzheimer's disease, I can pretty much pick up on AD traits and signs of any cognitive impairment pretty quickly.   Before Vivian even asked the question, I was going to suggest that she may want to take Aunt Marie for a memory screening.  "What did you notice?", Vivian asked.   I told her I noticed that Aunt Marie, had trouble finding the right words, kept repeating the same story over and over and wasn't interested in playing the "Family Card Game", that she always loved to play. Aunt Marie would never say "I'm sick of that game".  I think she forgot how to play and didn't want any of us to catch on.   Vivian called me today to say she scheduled an appointment with Aunt Marie's doctor in NYC.  I told her to let me know mom's  score on the Mini Mental Exam,  that I was sure the doctor would use during Aunt Marie's first visit.  Looking forward to hearing Aunt Marie's results and helping in any way I can.

Ginger Girl