Saddened to Hear We Have Lost Another Police Officer to a Senseless Shooting!

I remember my grandmother would sometimes say "What is This World Coming To?", as she watched Eyewitness New at 6pm and they reported on a tragic situation.  Today, I was saddened to hear of yet another innocent lifetaken far too soon.  Virginia State Trooper, Chad Dermyer, 37, was fatally shot by a 34 year old Illinois man.  The gunmen was later killed by troopers.  Dermyer was simply doing his job and participating in a training exercise at a busy bus terminal in Richmond, VA.  He leaves behind his wife and two young children, his parents, family and many friends.   How sad, that in today's day and age, it seems normal to hear of a police officer being shot and or killed.  Reality is, there are so many people who aim to harm law enforcement.  When I was growing up, you were taught to respect Police Officers and was always told "If you are lost or find yourself in trouble - look for a Policeman".  My brother is a retired State Trooper and I have many dear friends who are in Law Enforcement, so when I hear of another officer's life being taken - it really hits home and gives me a sinking feeling.   Sadly thinking, if I used the phrase "What is This World Coming To?"...I may use it more than once or twice a day.  Rest in Peace Officer Dermyer.