I Have 60 Days to Complete My Bucket List

I will turn 51 on June 18th.  There have been many changes in my life since my Big 50th last year.  Both positive and negative changes.  I find when I talk to myself, which I do often, I always say "What have you done with your life or you've always wanted to do X and you haven't...Come on Jackie, be brave!".  Thanks to myself and our conversations, I've decided that beginning on April 18th, I will create my "Bucket List". Then on June 18th, I will have a list of 60 things I want to do before I die.  Because I am somewhat creative, I will visit an Arts and Crafts store this weekend and buy a beautiful bucket and starting Monday, I will fill that bucket with my "List".  Thinking I might even rent "The Bucket List", starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, this weekend.  I am ready for the challenge!!!!!


Ginger Girl