Superstitious is My Middle Name

I am looking forward to the weekend and the warm temperatures.   I started to get my gardening tools ready..rakes, shovels, gloves and muscles.  As I walked around my yard, I spotted it - there it was my 25 pound bag of Rock Salt!  The dreaded Rock Salt, which reminds me of snow, ice and below frigid temperatures.  As I attempted to pick up the bag with all my might, so that I could put it away in the shed...something came over me and I stepped away from the bag.   My superstitious mind started speaking to me.  "Don't do it, don't put it away!  If you do, a snowstorm will hit the Jersey Shore on April 29th!"  Step away from the bag and remove on June 5th".   And so my bag of Rock Salt will enjoy the sun and warm temperatures this weekend, as it watches me clean my garden.  And if it was edible salt..I would use on my Margarita glass...the Margarita I will enjoy after I finish all my yard work!!!


Ginger Girl