Please Don't Say "It's To Hot"

I am looking forward to leaving the office today and I am anticipating that feeling of walking out of an air conditioned building and getting hit by the heat.  My phone is reading 88 degrees in Toms River.  Finally!  I love this weather as most people probably do.  But I am 100% positive that somewhere along my travels today, I will hear "It's to hot" or "This weather is disgusting - way to hot" and so on.  You may hear me say that in mid July or August, but no way.. not today.  With most of May being rain filled and damp, today's temperatures aremost welcomed.   Memorial Day Weekendhere at the Jersey Shore - looks like it's going to be good one!   If I hear someone say  "It's to hot", these next few days, I will be quick to remind them that Christmas is just 7 months away from today.....I can bet they will be wishing it was "to hot" outside instead of asking for "hot" chocolate on Christmas morning.


Ginger Girl