Are You Prepared?

When I leave my house in disarray and head out for the day, I sometimes think "What if something happens to me today and people go to my house and see the confusion!  Then my mind starts racing to my closet, my drawers, personal paperwork - Oh My - I'm not prepared!!  I know my girls will be able to find the basics - but I really need to finish up my "Jackie Book".   I have already recorded things like my social security number, banking information and life insurance policy but there is still more I should record.  Here's my check list :

  • Will
  • Advanced Directives
  • Health Insurance Cards
  • Medications List
  • Banking Information
  • Health Insurance Cards
  • Social Security Card
  • Doctors
  • Creditors
  • Bill Payment Information
  • Car Insurance
  • Attorney's Name
  • Funeral Home - Cemetery Information
  • Final Wishes

I've gathered a lot of the this information but I still have more work to do to get my "Jackie Book" finished...and just think I started thinking about this again - because my house was a mess!  I think I'll clean when I get home today.


Ginger Girl