Never Stop Overthinking...Especially When it Comes to Ideas!

One of my favorite shows is "Shark Tank", that's because I love to see other's creativity and ideas come to life.   I am always thinking and thinking.  I'd like to think I am creative.  I keep a log of my ideas and share them with my best friend...who likes to think and think and think.  I believe no idea is a bad idea or a crazy idea.   Thinking helps feed your mind.  Just as we feed our physical bodies with food to stay alive, we must feed our mind for it to stay alive.  I remember sharing an idea with a relative and they laughed at me and said that's a "stupid idea" and also I remember feeling sad.  Never knock a person for an idea or belief they have....when someone is passionateabout something , they have a fire inside....don't be the one that dim's that flame.   Remember no idea is a bad means someone is using their brain!

"Ideas come from Everything" - Alfred Hitchcock

Ginger Girl