It's June 1st - National Go Barefoot Day

I can't believe its June 1st already, Ihave such a busy month ahead of me.  Both my girls graduate, one from grammar school and one from high school, then there is my birthday, Father's day and vacation.  I am already exhausted.   So I am trying to get ahead with my event planning for work, which brought be to googling  "What day of the week is Flag Day?"  and hundreds of "June Observances" popped up.  For instance today, June 1st is National Barefoot Day, Heimlich Maneuver Day, Say Something Nice Day, Stand for Children Day.  Wow!!, who comes up with this stuff.  When I woke up this morning to me it was Wednesday, the first of June - who knew it was ok to forget my shoes and go barefoot today!   Tomorrow, June 2nd is National Bubba Day, National Tailor Day and Leave the Office Early Day...Sounds good to me!


Ginger Girl