You Can't Help Someone Who is Not Willing to Help Themselves...End of Story


Unfortunately, no matter what you do, no matter what you say, if a person does not want help or does not feel they need help, there is really is not much more you can do!.  I have a friend Suzanne,  whose ex husband is a weekend warrior - that is,  he drinks heavily on the weekends and sobers upMonday through Thursday.   During his weekend binges, he creates havoc with family and friends.  I feel bad for Suzanne's children, who have to put up with his nonsense via phone calls, text messages and email.   There has to come a point and time, where she and everyone else has to walk away.  He will never change unless he wants to change.  She will only kill herself trying.  Kids are resilient, they will be ok.   I told her instead of throwing a Life Preserver out to him, as he sits on his boat with a hole that only he created, she and her children should hoist their sails and enjoy life!


Ginger Girl