How to Approach Your Loved One When They are Aggitated and Anxiety Ridden

  • Try de-cluttering the environment.

  • Learn trigger points and avoid them in the future.

  • Create a calm space.

  • Be aware of what is in your loved one’s line of vision.

  • Make sure your loved one has enough light. Low lighting could trigger agitation and anxiety.

  • Create a change of scenery.

  • Try a gentle touch.

  • Your loving voice can provide comfort when your family member is agitated.

  • Know your loved one’s preferences and routines—it can make a big difference.

  • Refocus the person’s attention.

  • Try offering comfort from a beloved family pet or grandchildren.

  • Fresh air and nature can have a positive impact.

  • Everybody likes a good laugh.

  • Give simple tasks to make your loved one feel useful.

  • Provide something familiar—it can be calming.

  • If your family member is pacing, ask if you could join in the walk.

  • If your loved one gets flustered when faced with decisions, simplify choices.

  • Be prepared

resource: - Home Instead Senior Care